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2017 Officers and Board of Directors

Commodore Mitch Hubert  info@mmyc.org
Staff Commodore Rick Estebo info@mmyc.org
Vice Commodore of Sail Joe Shepro vcsail@mmyc.org
Vice Commodore of Power Sue Mars meetthefleet@mmyc.org
Rear Commodore Dan McVane 100miler@mmyc.org
Secretary Pat Mullen secretary@mmyc.org
Treasurer Sue Keer info@mmyc.org
Director - Marketing/Communications Brian Chaltry marketing@mmyc.org
Directors - Membership Committee Gary DeDamos & John Hubert info@mmyc.org
Director - Activities & Social Committee Patches Vernon social@mmyc.org
Directors - House Committee Len Reid & Russell Ross house@mmyc.org
Marina Management  Jim Kudlicki jimk@cybrzn.com

Where We Are




Located on the shores of beautiful Green Bay, in the historic waterfront district of Menominee, Michigan, the M & M Yacht Club resides on Doyle Drive in the Menominee Marina.

Our address is:

M&M Yacht Club

P.O. Box 232

Menominee, MI 49858

phone: 906-863-7140

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A Brief History of the Club

Founded in 1935, the M & M Yacht Club organized the first 100 Miler in 1937. The Marina Management Group which oversees the running on the Menominee Marina was established in the spring of 1983, and the club through the efforts of a number of hard working members renovated and moved into clubhouse in the early eighties. Prior to setting up shop in our new place, the MMYC had no permanent home.

Over the years the Club has had a number of active fleets including Flying Scots, Snipes, Lasers, and 5.5 meter boats. Currently Ensign Fleet 12, formed in 1993 and a small contingent of Lasers are the active One Design Fleets. While the numbers are less than in the past PHRF racing continues in the form of the LMPHRF area 1 races as well as the local Wednesday night PHRF fleet. The club also sponsors several family type races each season as well as our "Meet the Fleet" event at which we offer one hour boat rides to the public.

MMYC has hosted a number of important events in the past, starting with the1969 Mallory Cup Men's National Championship, in which top U.S. sailors used the local 5.5 meter boats. The Flying Scot Regionals were held here in 1971 and the LMYA Offshore Championships in 1975. The 1995 and 1999 Ensign Regional Championships, as well as the 1998 Ensign National Championships took place in Menominee drawing 37 boats from around the country. In 2003 the S2 7.9 International Regatta hosted 31 entries from the U.S. and Canada.

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